Our Mission

At Magnifica Luce, we maintain the steadfast belief that interior design serves as the cornerstone for attaining a unique lifestyle and fostering a healthful living environment. Our dedicated team of professional lighting designers consistently ensures the delivery of a gratifying result. We hold an unwavering conviction that the cultivation of healthy lighting practices invariably paves the way for a healthful and enriching way of life.

Our Vision

At Magnifica Luce we are dedicated to the craft of lights design. Yet, our true emphasis lies not solely in designing lights, but in the nuanced art of shaping light itself. Light transcends mere visual perception; it encompasses the realm of emotional resonance and sensory experience. It is a narrative of perception, a harmonious fusion of visual comfort and profound emotional contentment. At Magnifica Luce, our commitment is to produce lighting solutions that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also deeply resonant with your sensibilities. We aspire to create lightscapes that evoke an enduring affection and a profound connection.

Our Value

At Magnifica Luce, we centre our operations around architectural lighting, seamlessly fusing the facets of research, design,manufacturing, and sales. Our commitment extends to providing our clientele with products that are not only secure and dependable but also delivering expert lighting solutions. We hold a profound regard for the unique requirements of each client, diligently aiding them in the realization of their objectives, often surpassing their anticipations. At Magnifica Luce, our design philosophy transcends the mere concept of illumination, propelling us to craft solutions that extend beyond the confines of traditional lighting.

Our Spirit  

At Magnifica Luce, it is our distinct privilege to engage incollaboration with a wide spectrum of individuals, brands, and corporateentities, all united by a profound affinity for the realms of design and illumination. Our services extend not only to industry professionals but also encompass the esteemed clientele within the residential domain. We whole heartedly comprehend the significance of imparting exceptional lighting solutions to residences, thereby contributing to the creation of environments that radiate warmth, elegance, and refinement. Our commitment at Magnifica Luceis an unwavering pursuit of excellence in every facet of our work.